Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beach Week (except not)

I've just gotten my toenails done and figured I'd update the blogging world on my life while I'm waiting for everyone else to get theirs done...
It's been a wonderful, relaxing week here at Myrtle Beach minus the four shark attacks in one day that scared us away from the ocean... instead of relaxing in the ocean like I usually do, we passed our time walking on the beach and tanning at the pool.  I'm proud to say I've definitely gotten really tan this week! (With only minor sunburn and a creepy looking peeling on my shoulder that almost resembles a birth mark...)
We've had nice dinners every night and driven up and down the Strip several times; last night the teenagers piled in one car and drove down the strip to see how many people we could yell at... it is very entertaining to see what the drunk people yell at you and then laugh at them while you're sober. We're still laughing about some of the things we heard.
Tonight my best friend's dad is getting remarried on the beach and then we're cooking out and spending our last night at the pool before we have to return to real life tomorrow ...
Thank God I'm coming back to the beach in July; I could live at the beach if my parents would let me. I'm thinking I will one day ... (:
Hope everyone is enjoying their summers; I'll try to blog more this week!
And sorry for any spelling or grammar errors in this post.... I'm blogging from my smart phone in a massage chair and it's more difficult than you'd expect!

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