Monday, April 30, 2012

Longest/Shortest Weekend Ever

I can't believe that's already over.  It didn't even feel like a weekend; it went by way too fast - making it the shortest weekend ever.
And it was extremely exhausting - making it the longest weekend ever.
I hung out with my boyfriend Friday after his game, and then Saturday the exhausting part of the weekend began. 
I had a basketball tournament, and we didn't have a large team.  We played three games Saturday and a game on Sunday with an average of seven people on our team.  Some games, we even had to play with six.  It is exhausting.  So, Saturday night, it seemed like everyone else went to parties and whatnot while I went to bed at 10:30 so I could wake up at 8 the next morning to play another game with only six people... I went to bed earlier on Saturday night than I do on most school nights. I need a life. I just wish I had the motivation and energy to actually get one; I'm hoping that will come this summer.
On a brighter note, I finally got a prom dress! Now I just need to find shoes... at least that's something to do in school right?
Have a fantastic Monday everyone! (Ha ha)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Time Flies

Recently, I've been thinking more than usual about the future...
For like all my life, I wanted to be in high school.  It just seemed like so much fun, and for some reason I always wanted to be sixteen.  but, it's weird and mostly anticlimactic being here.  I mean, I'm going to prom in two weeks and getting my license in 25 days.  Don't get me wrong, I'm completely excited for both of those, but it's starting to feel like everything is going waaay tooo fast. .
I keep telling myself that I hate high school (and for the most part I do), and that I want to graduate early.  But, then I start thinking about college and working for the rest of my life, and that's somewhat depressing, too.  And, it's a really stressful thought. 
I'm getting to that point in life where you're supposed to figure out your future, but that's a lot of pressure to put on a sixteen year old.  I mean honestly, I have no clue what I want to do with my life.  I keep getting emails from colleges about their programs, and I'll decide for a day that I love that college and that's what I'll do for the rest of my life. But, the next day, I change my mind again. It's just scary to think that you could pick the wrong thing and end up hating your job for the rest of your life (I mean, I guess that's exaggerating somewhat, but it's not exactly easy to just up and change careers).
At the moment I'm thinking either UVA, William & Mary, Columbia (which I love but it's probably really impractical), Northwestern, or maybe legit Ivy League like Harvard and Yale (but that's also doubtful; I think the snobby part of me just wants to go there because it makes me sound brilliant).  And, I'm thinking that Aerospace engineering sounds cool... we'll see how long this phase lasts. Ha.
And, (this is going to sound really conceited and I'm sorry) I'm really worried that I'll end up fat when I'm older. I love food and hate exercise; I have absolutely no motivation and when I don't have practice, it's really hard to make myself go to the gym.  I'm pretty sure basketball is the only reason why I'm in shape, and it's not like I can go to two hour practices every day for the rest of my life... I'm hoping that sometime between now and my future, I'll have an epiphany and suddenly realize that exercise is fun.  We'll see.
The one thing I am sure about is that is that I'm definitely not having kids for a while.  I love kids and they're fun to watch every now and then, but babysitting and reading mom blogs is excellent birth control.  I'll stick with babysitting for a long time.
Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Somehow, Wednesdays always surprise me.  I'll get on my laptop, trying to think of a blog topic for the day, and finally see everyone else's confessions.  Only then do I actually realize that it's Wednesday.
  • I'm really beginning to understand why they call Wednesday "hump day."  Last night, Tuesday night seemed impossibly early in the week and I was convinced that I couldn't finish the week without losing my sanity; but, Wednesday is bearable.  Somehow, knowing that it's Wednesday makes everything a little bit better..
  • And following that confession, do you always capitalize days of the week? I honestly can't remember...
  • Sunday night, after nearly dying at practice, I told myself that I was going to be at the gym a lot this week since I'm sick of being out of shape. So, Monday night I was really sore from Sunday's practice and I was exhausted since I didn't sleep that well.... I decided I could handle one day off and had a New Girl marathon instead; and I ate too much.  Yesterday, I decided I could handle a 5:30 cycling class.  While I was passing the time until class, I decided to read in bed.  Suddenly, my eyes were getting heavy and next thing I know, I wake up around 5:30... needless to say, I missed the class.  Instead, I stayed home, at a huge dinner and went out for froyo with my dad and brother.  Yay for getting in shape! Ha..
  • I have put no effort into getting ready this week... we're having a random burst of cold weather to counteract the unnatturally warm weather we've been enjoying for the past few weeks. I'm always cold and end up wearing sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts.  Where is summer?
  • Prom is in exactly 17 days. I don't have a dress... I'm going shopping today or tomorrow and praying that I'll actually find one that I like.
  • 27 days until my license. Yay! (:
  • One of the only reasons I want my license is so I can go get food by myself... ha #FGP
  • I just used a hashtag not on twitter which is kind of one of my pet peeves (along with careless grammar errors and ridiculous amounts of extra letters in words), but oh well.
  • While typing that last confession, I literally retyped 'I' 15 times because it was on caps lock and kept showing up lowercase... it took 15 times for me to figure it out.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Wasted Year

I know I may have mentioned this before, but honestly, why do we need to take Biology?
The other day, when asked when we would ever use trigonometric identities in real life, my precalculus teacher replied that only some people do.  However, making us solve the problems gives us logical thinking skills that will help us succeed in life.  I agree with that, and that explanation validates the chemistry requirement as well.  While the English requirement seems a bit extreme, I'm begining to understand that knowing Engish, especially grammar makes you appear more educated and will probably give you the advantage when looking for jobs, and reading is used for absolutely everything. 
I guess history makes sense since "those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it," allthough I do wish we didn't have to memorize all the people, espeically Asian, Middle Eastern, and African ones (the names are absolutely impossible to remember).
I really have tried to think of things that Biology relates to, but I've got nothing.  I understand that genetics is extremely important (in fact I think it's the only worthwhile thing we learned in that class), but other than that, biology is pointless.  Knowing 'plant classification' will not help me in life, unless I'm planning on being a botanist or something.  But, I have absolutely NO plans of doing anything Biology-related, so why do they force us into a course that is nothing but blind memorization? We're all going to forget it over the summer and it will basically be a wasted year. 
(sorry for venting again, this just makes me incredibly angry everytime I think about it. I'll try to do less venting for the rest of the week.. ha.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mondays are AWESOME.

I've been an awful blogger recently... I didn't realize how long it had been.  I had a busy weekend and end of last week.  I don't remember what actually happened in school, but after school Thursday, I spent some time with my boyfriend since I'd be gone the next two nights.  Friday, I left school early and went to Richmond with my dad and brother to celebrate his 11th birthday.  He let me drive all the way there and it was my first real long distance drive, I've never driven more than maybe an hour and a half at a time.  It pretty much felt like I was driving by myself since my dad was reading and my brother was watching a movie, but it was kind of relaxing to just listen to music and think.  But, driving is extremely stressful when stupid people don't know how to drive... I drove back too, and it was raining. I guess it was good practice though since I get my license in exactly 29 days now. (:
Sunday I went to church, went to lunch with my boyfriend, and then had basketball practice from 5 to 7.  Practices are bearable when you're in season since you're in shape, but they suck when you only practice once a week and you're really out of shape... add the fact that I'm on my period and suffering from allergies and you have an insanely tough practice. I'm so sore and exhausted today.  I feel like I'm on edge and ready to snap at anyone who comes close to pissing me off. I LOVE being a girl.
Once I finally get some time, I reeeeallly need to go prom dress shopping since May 12th isn't exactly far away. I've just been so busy; I hope that I'll be able to find one in time.
And for now, I spend all my weekdays counting down to the weekend and counting down 'til summer.  I've got to survive the rest of April and May and then I'm done. 
Happy monday everyone (ha ha ha)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Happy Wednesday! It's been a long week...
  • I completely zoned out during both Chemistry and AP History yesterday... why? Because I got my email from Pottermore, telling me that my account was ready so I played it alllll day long. And I'm not really playing it because I need games to play during school... no, I'm playing it because I truly love Harry Potter and want to pretend I go to Hogwarts.  My favorite parts of the website are the "New from J.K. Rowling" and "J.K. Rowlings' thoughts" that randomly pop into the chapters. I know, I'm a nerd.
  • I may have possibly forgotten that we had a mandatory food day in Biology... we were supposed to bring in a food we made containing both plant and animal products and then we had to make a sheet with pictures of all the ingredients and their scientific names. I remembered at 7 this morning and luckily my mom made vegetable and chicken sausage soup the other night... and my first period is practically a study hall. And now after some quick thinking, project = done. (:  And please don't judge.. I know almost everyone cheats occasionally on tests and quizzes, but I NEVER do. (I swear) so I think I earned a break just once. And I did the project part by myself, just not the cooking.
  • Every single day, something happens that makes me wish I had my license already.  I don't reccomend completing Behind the Wheel early because it makes it even worse, knowing that you have your license but can't use it because you aren't old enough.  This is killing me. Only 35 more days.
  • My hatred for school is getting out of hand.  GET ME OUT OF HERE. If they would let us take our SOLs and exams early, I would do it.  I mean, for the most part, we've learned everything they're going to teach us.  WHY DO THEY MAKE US STAY? But, luckily I've only got to survive May and I'm done.  I won't be at school in June at all since I'm exempt from exams!
  • I've probably been having too much fun working out all these trig problems in math class... yes, I know, again that makes a nerd.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Summer and Other Happy Thoughts

We counted during English, and there are only 31 school days left 'til summer since I don't have to take exams. I won't have to come to school at all in June. Yay Yay Yay Yay!
I'm so excited for summer it's ridiculous. For one thing, I'll have my license (in 36 days) which means I can actually do things and not have to beg for rides.  I'm working at the pool and babysitting but hopefully that won't take up all my time.  I've asked for weekends off so when I don't have basketball tournaments, I'll have free time.  Hopefully I can spend it at the lake with the boyfriend or the best friend. And I really want to take a few trips up to Busch Gardens.
The first week of summer, I'll be at the beach (:
And maybe, just maybe, my mom will let me go with my boyfriend the second or third week of summer...
And then we're going again in July!
And I think my daddy and I are going to visit his parents in Texas sometime this summer too.
Yay for summer!
I think I just need to go shopping because apparently I got taller and my butt got bigger since last year and most of my short shorts are "inappropriate" to wear in public.... I tried to calmly explain to my mom that if she says I can't wear the shorts I have, that means she should buy me more... makes sense right?
But, I'm a bit distracted, I joined Pottermore and may have just spent all chemistry class doing that instead of chemistry.
I'm a Ravenclaw!
Hopefully this will make school a little more bearable..

Monday, April 16, 2012

[Insert Title Here]

Today is the first day back... Honestly I'm surprised I'm even coherent enough to type this (though obviously not coherent enough to think of a title).
I didn't sleep that well last night... the boyfriend stayed over until almost 10 and then when I finally tried to go to bed, my room was way too hot to sleep.  It was in the mid 80s over the weekend but the parents still don't want to turn the air on quite yet.. hence the unbearable heat in my room. The fan didn't seem to help much.  I ended up just laying there and reading for a while and then finally got to sleep. I woke up around 4 because my allergies were making my eyes itch.  Then, it was 6:40 and the alarm went off. 
Thank God for Starbucks.  I've just recently decided I like the Caffe Mocha, but of course I go there way too often and have decided that I like almost everything on the menu... it just depends on the weather and my mood.
I know I promised a Spring Break recap but I'm just not energized enough quite yet... and I probably should be focusing on math... Trig Identities are difficult, but fun. Yay for a quiz on Friday! And a Bio test on Wednesday and an English test on Thursday and... yeah, it keeps going. Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Promise I'm Still Alive

I know I've been gone for a while, but it's spring break! I'll recap Florida sometime during school when there's nothing better to do.
I'm sitting here at a basketball tournament between games and figured it would be a good time to assure everyone that I haven't died... Ha
It's been a busy weekend so far... We got back at 2:30 last night and spent the morning watching glee after we caught up on sleep. Then, I went to see American Reunion with my parents and boyfriend... Slightly awkward but worth it since the movie was hilarious (:
This morning I woke up at 7:30 (which was extremely early; the boyfriend left by 11 last night so I could get some sleep but apparently it wasn't enough...I'm exhausted) to be in Mt. Airy at 10 for our tournament... And yes that's the Mt. Airy otherwise known as Mayberry... Enthralling I know, but we've decided to drive the extra 30 miles to a steak 'n shake so the drive is more than worth it...
I've typed all this on my phone which is rather difficult... So I think we'll end this post here.
Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Waiting Game

High school is full of waiting; no one really enjoys being here, and everyone is waiting for the various milestones that we encounter in high school.  Even more, everyone spends all their time counting down to the next break and counting down to graduation, college, and the days that won't involve waking up and being bored for the majority of the day. 
Today, I'm waiting for Spring Break.  There are three more classes until we're free and three more days until we leave for Florida.  Luckily, two out of three of these classes won't involve any work. I think I can.I think I can.I think I can....
The biggest thing I'm waiting for, however, is my license.  Last night, I finished the classroom driver's ed course and passed Behind the Wheel... my temporary paper license is sitting at home, waiting until May 22 when my nine months of having a learner's permit will be over.  That day can't come soon enough; I'm so tired of having to rely on other people for rides when I want to do something.  I can't wait until I can just take myself everywhere.  Now that I actually have the license, the waiting is even worse.
Oh, and I'm waiting for my last period so I can enjoy the cookies I made last night for food day (:
Double Chocolate Toffee Cookies... these things are amazing. I found the recipe from a random google search and this was the first time I tried them; I used this recipe and substituted normal cocoa for dark cocoa since we didn't have any of that in the house... I can definitely see these being made many times in the future.
Aaaaand I'm waiting for Tuesday because Glee comes back on.(: I want to know what happened to Quinn and I want to know if Finn and Rachel actually got married. The suspense is killing me.
Happy Almost Spring Break, Friends!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Because I'm slightly braindead at the moment, I can't make myself compose an intro.. Happy Wednesday!
  • We leave for Florida on Saturday; not once have I thought to myself "I should go workout because I want to look good in a bathing suit." And it's definitely not because I already have my bikini body... I just don't care anymore.
  • I've been so hungry this week... I think it's the allergies and all the medicine I'm taking for them just messing with my body. Whatever it is, it's insane.
  • Speaking of all the medicines I'm taking, I feel like mixing prescription Singulair and nose spray, generic 24 hour allergy medicine, and eye drops is probably a bit much... I'm still feeling the symptoms though so maybe it's not enough...
  • Everytime I sit down to do my homework, I manage to convince myself that I'm too tired and my allergies are too bad to finish it; I decide not to do it and tell myself I didn't realy need to do it anyways. So far this has worked... let's hope it keeps working for the rest of the year because I don't see my motivation coming back any time soon...
  • I am addicted to caffeine. It's getting worse as the year goes on.
  • If I had more to confess, I can't remember it.. but what else is new?

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Home Stretch

This is it; I have to survive four days of school before Spring Break begins and we leave for Florida. It's also the week that I take my final exam for classroom Driver's Ed and my final test for Behind the Wheel. I'll have my paper liscence and it'll be effective as soon as I'm sixteen and three months (50 days). I'm sure I'll be living off of caffeine this week since it seems that waking up gets harder towards the end of the year. But, then again, I've been living off caffeine all year... the habit is just getting worse.
This week will be busy, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to fit in some pre-trip tanning and a trip to the movies to see the Hunger Games; I would say that I'll be packing, but we all know that won't happen until Saturday afternoon, right before we leave.
And now to a completely different topic... who watched the ACMs last night? Being the country music lover that I am, I stayed awake until 11 to see who won Entertainer of the Year and everthing in between.  It was a really good show with several of my favorite artists (namely Chris Young singing "Save Water, Drink Beer" which we saw him sing in concert; not my favorite song of his but I still loved it.) He deserved the Single of the Year award for "Tomorrow." Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson won it for "Don't You Wanna Stay" which is a good song, but to be perfectly honest, nothing compares to "Tomorrow."
I completely disagreed with Taylor Swift as Entertainer of the Year. Don't get me wrong, I love Taylor; but, the other nominees were much more talented and have put in years of work to get where they are. It doesn't seem fair that she wins it all just because she has so many young teen fans who vote. Blake Shelton deserved it. And who decided that Lionel Richie should sing with country artists and make a TV show about it? Desperate much?
I should probably end here before I offend anyone with my opinons, Happy Monday!
 Monday takes away every last bit of optimism I have left. (:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Hunger Games

After devoting the better part of my week to reading The Hunger Games whenever possible, I've finally finished all three books.  To be perfectly honest, I don't know what to make of them.  They were incredible and I couldn't put them down; when I did manage to take a break, I would notice my mind drifting back to the books and the impossibly real characters.  But, I'm still not sure what to think about the ending.  While reading, I tried to decide if I would choose Peeta or Gale and what I would do in that situation, but to be perfectly honest, I have absolutely no clue.  Would I risk my life for freedom or for another person? And even more important, Peeta or Gale? 
I keep going back through the story line, trying to find something to make the decision easier, but I can't.  This is unusual; in pretty much every book I've read, I've been able to decide who I would choose.  In the Twilight books, it's Team Edward. (Although if it were based on the movies, I would definitely be Team Jacob.)  In Harry Potter, between James and Severus, I would undoubtedly choose James.  In Pride and Prejudice, I loved Mr. Darcy from the beginning.  In Blue Bloods, I have no doubt that I'd choose Jack. But this one just stumps me... maybe the movie will help. Based on the casting, I'd choose Gale...
 Wouldn't you?

Overall, this book was amazing.  I don't doubt that it will go on my list of favorite books that have to be read a few times a year. In fact, I think it might even go above Twilight on the favorite book list...(I just tried to compile said book list in order of favorites, but I couldn't do it; there are just too many. The only thing I'm sure of is that Harry Potter is at the top...)
Now, I've just got to see the movie... I've heard that they did a good job, but I doubt it can really compare; the movies never do.
And now, I'm looking back over this post and realizing that I've probably put entirely too much thought into this which probably makes me a nerd... but, what else is new?(: