Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm Back (for midweek confessions)

I know I've been gone for a while; it's even harder to find time in the summer than it was during the school year... probably because the school year involved a lot of free time in front of a laptop; I haven't spent very much time on the computer at all. But, seeing E's confessions made me want to spend a little time confessing before I went to work today (I leave in 30 mins actually and I'm typing this in PJs so I probably should be quick :)
  • This might be the most embarrassing confession ever... please don't judge; Yesterday was my first time putting gas in the car alone, and it was only my second time ever getting gas. My mom gave me $20 so I could get my brother and his friend to church. I went to Sheetz, pulled the car up to a pump, walked inside and prepaid, walked back out to my pump, opened the gas tank, pressed the button for Premium, and put the pump and turned it on, and then it turned off.... the screen said $20 and 5.57 gallons but it was literally only 5 seconds and I was sure that couldn't be right so I called my mom to be sure. I told her it didn't even fill a quarter of a tank and she said "well it'll work itself out," assuming I'd try again or go ask someone... I didn't; I drove off and most likely gave someone else $20 of gas; guess I'm a Good Samaritan? 
  • I went to basketball camp this weekend and actually gained weight... we ate in between all of our games and overall probably ate more than we burned off.
  • I've started this coffee every morning thing, who cares if it's too hot. If I'm actually going out in public, I'll make it iced (:
  • I wore my new blue yoga pants to a cycling class and then yoga yesterday. All my hard work in cycling showed on my new blue pants in a wonderful, classy looking sweat stain around my crotch. Note to self:  wear black pants when sweating from now on. I kept moving my shirt around during yoga to try to cover up my pants... that's really hard to do in yoga.
  • I'm rereading Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code for probably the tenth time and I still can't put them down. I just love them... mostly for the history stuff and the fact that one has lots of Italian and one has some Spanish. I sit there and try to translate for myself.
  • I want to take an online Italian class. Does that make me a nerd?

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