Monday, September 3, 2012


I know I promised a summer post, and since this is the last official day of summer, I figured today was a good day. (And I may or may not be putting off the last of my homework for the night...) But anyways, overall it was a great summer; it was just a bit too short....
After my first beach trip, I had a few weeks at home to work and babysit before the second beach trip, and monster-trip to Texas.  Nothing too exciting there, just hanging out with the boyfriend and friends, and tanning at the pool.
The second beach trip was to Hilton Head Island with my mom, brother, grandma, great-aunt, aunt, cousin, and her baby... it was so relaxing and I wish I could stay at the beach forever... and I think I read four or five books. Ha

(This was when I went down one night with a beach chair and a book after dinner and just enjoyed listening to the waves... it was heaven)

And this is my baby cousin, who's two so not exactly a baby, but still... he is adorable. I am 100% sure there isn't a kid out there who's cuter than he is.
Literally the day after we got back, my dad, brother and I left for Texas to go see his parents. (And if you're wondering why both of my parents didn't go, it's because we spoil our baby excessively and can't bear to leave him alone...)

But anyways, we made a real road trip out of it and stopped plenty along the way, mostly for food... and a little sight-seeing.
We got to try real Memphis barbeque on the way, and it was so worth it. I wish we could take road trips more often just for the food...
Before we got to my grandparents, we stopped at my dad's friend's house in Dallas for a couple of days and got to eat and shop and whatnot... and I got a pair of real cowgirl boots (:
(every trip has to invovle Steak 'n Shake..)

(this was one of the Tex-Mex restaurants near by... and oh, my.  If you've never had fresh tex-mex, namely fresh tortillas, you are truly missing out. There is literally nothing better.)

(if you look close, you can see the Texas lonestars on the bridge.. we just thought those were neat. they were everywhere)
We had fun at my grandparents' too, but they live in the middle of nowhere (literally. population 207, and nope, I didn't miss any zeros) so it was mostly just laid-back and lazy. But, it's always good to see them.
On the way back, we made a few more stops for food... we were in Monroe, Louisiana and I decided to use google to find a restaurant.  This one Mexican restaurant got really good reviews, so we decided we'd try it... turns out it was in the middle of the ghetto.  But, we went for it anyways and it was amazing.  They had these Mexican barbeque (barbacoa) tacos that were heaven. I would love to go there again...
And then somewhere in Alabama, we saw this... just thought it had to be posted.
Please look closely... haha
Finally, on the last night, we stopped to spend the night with my aunt and uncle in Georgia.  For dinner, we had Pappasitos which is another Tex-Mex chain, and the only restaurant they have outside of Texas is in Atlanta. It's always been one of our favorites, and since it was our last chance for fresh tortillas, we went for it... soo good.

Once we got back, summer completely flew by.  I worked and babysat a little more, and started getting ready for school. 
Somehow my boyfriend and I only managed to go to the lake once all summer; I guess because neither of us were home for much of it. But, we had fun anways when we actually found time to hang out.
He made french toast...I looove him.. (:
And then, on the last week of summer my youth group went on a short hiking trip to the Cascades, which are beautiful.

 Overall, it was a fun summer that just went by way too fast. Like, literally the blink of an eye. Hopefully the school year will be the same way...
Hope everyone else had good summers too!

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