Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Midweek Confessions

There are so many things I could, and should, be doing right now... but I miss blogging, and midweek confessions. And, it's my first official day of study hall so why not use it for something completely unproductive :)
  • I have to read & review a 600 page book by the 25th. I'm on page 50. I'll probably finish reading it on the 24th around midnight if I'm ahead of things. If not, I'll finish it on the 25th around midnight. This literally happens every month. Why do I never learn?
  • Instead of working on this book review during our hour-long bus ride yesterday, I did some online shopping with my iPhone (which I did finally get a couple weeks before Christmas; just realized I never blogged about it. I'm in love.)
  • But I did find some cute prom dress ideas, and cute ring ideas since that's what my mom promised for my 17th birthday next month.
2013 New Long Chiffon Sw...  I'm in love with this color all of a sudden...Zig Zag Dial Watch-Mint and this watch, even though I just got a watch for Christmas.
 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress but I'm just afraid it looks too much like a wedding/senior-white prom dress. thoughts?
Pink Gold Rough Green Amethyst Ring And last, I love this ring... and it's my birthstone - amethyst, but it's green and I've never heard of it before. But, I'm afraid it would be painful. Anyone have a ring like this? Does it hurt to wear?
  • Maybe back to confessions now?
  • I got a pair of Frye boots for Christmas and I am completely 100% in love with them - so much so that except for athletic outfits, and maybe 2 normal outfits since Christmas, I've worn them literally. People probably think I have no other shoes, which is completely untrue since I am the queen of boot "investments" but I feel like I'm cheating on my Fryes when I wear anything else.
  • I really don't sleep anymore. I get in bed, and spend at least half an hour on my phone before I can even consider sleeping. Then, in the morning, I have to sleep in way more than necessary which means I've gotten my morning routine down to about 20 mins, 30 if I shower. But that's good right?
  • I absolutely hate people in the morning - it's getting bad but I can't help it. If you want to avoid me being a complete bitch, Don't talk to me, don't cut me off in the parking lot (that happened today, even though I had my turn signal on and was in the process of backing into a spot.), and God forbid that you drive slow in front of me. If you drive under the speed limit except in snow, hurricane rain, or excessive fog, I hate you. no exceptions.
  • I always used to tell myself I'd be a more patient driver than my mother because she drove me crazy when she'd yell at other drivers, but I'm getting more & more like her every single day.
  • I can hear the rain in this classroom and it's making me sleepy.
  • I'm so focused on this blog post people might actually think I'm doing school work - ha
  • And speaking of that, I really need to start working on my Costa Rica app - I'M SO EXCITED!!

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