Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dinner Results...

Well, tonight was my dinner night... it wasn't too bad but definitely could've used some work. Ever tried to stuff chicken breasts when they are abnormally thin...? It's not easy. Overall, the parents and boyfriend said the potatoes were good, the chicken was pretty good (but we all agreed it was dry), and the dessert (red velvet cheesecake brownies that I didn't get a picture of) was amazing. Two out of three's not bad right? Next time, I think I'll make something that isn't chicken because chicken is a pain in the butt.
My oven roasted potatoes

Panko breaded chicken stuffed with ricotta, spinach, tomatoes, etc. It looked a LOT neater on the recipe's picture.

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  1. Alll I asked for was one brownie and I couldn't even get a picture! Come on Annalee!