Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's a Triple Shot Kind of Day

Yesterday, I took what my engineering teacher calls a "mental health day."  After two weekends of nothing but basketball and no catching up on sleep, I was exhausted yesterday morning.  My mom finally took pity on me and agreed to let me stay home.  I slept til around 11 and it felt amazing.  After I woke up, I sat on our front porch swing with a cup of coffee and started reading the Hunger Games, finally.  Slowly enjoying a cup of coffee outside with a book is one of my favorite things about summer and the beach.  After some nice reading time, I did some much needed spring cleaning and then did some Behind the Wheel. After I got home, I finished cleaning and did a little bit of homework (probably not as much as I should have since I missed yesterday) and then I got back to the Hunger Games. My friends weren't lying when they said it was addicting. I went to bed at 2 last night... After I finally decided to stop reading, I couldn't sleep so I gave up and read some more. 
Thank God my mom agreed to Starbucks this morning.. Venti Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot (they come with two). I'm hoping I feel the buzz soon, right now I'm just feeling normal. And most of all, I'm hoping I don't crash before this afternoon. I'm taking the National Spanish Exam and I feel like it's going to take some focus... Wish me luck.

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