Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I'm not sure what's wrong with me; I guess I did cut it a little close with the grades this nine weeks, but still I have no reason to be really stressed. The past two days of school, I went home with terrible headaches that only got better with sleep. It seems like every night now, I have weird dreams. I barely ever used to dream, but now it's every night, and it's random. Sunday night's dream I blame on driver's ed... after hearing all those horror stories, I dreamed that I got attacked while walking to my car alone... awesome right? And not only are these dreams frequent and random, there are usually at least three dreams per night. It's just weird.
It's probably a lack of sleep. Saturday night I got the chance to catch up... I slept like 12 hours; it was magical.
After today, there are only two more days until our four day weekend. Yay for sleep and leisure reading... I never have time for either of those during the week.
I'll just think happy thoughts about these things:
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