Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Wednesday?

Let's go ahead and start off with this confession:
  • I literally forgot it was Wednesday...
  • I don't think I've gone to bed before 11 or 11:30 this week... somehow I'm functioning.
  • Part of the reason for the previous confession might be my revamped Words with Friends obsession... I got a little tired of it for a few weeks but now my love is back... I probably have at least 10 games going on right now, and it's really hard to go to bed on time when everyone keeps playing you back!
  • I got French gel nails yesterday (:  It makes me so happy everytime I look down, and I'm wearing rings which I really only do because they look sooo good with pretty nails.
  • My dress is kind of short today and the built-in slip keeps riding up while I'm sitting down; I can only hope it doesn't look this bad when I stand up...
  • School used to be bad, but now it's even worse. I miss my boyfriend so much during the week... his practices end right when my driver's ed class starts which means we get no time to hang out. Thank God for the four-day weekend which means much more hangout time than normal.(:
  • I think I've signed myself up for a basketball tournament this weekend; I'm excited because I miss it, but I'm also lazy...
  • I can't remember anything; I keep planning something for a day, forgetting about it, planning someting else, and finally realizing that I can't do all of the things I said I would.
  • I think I may have just hurt my knee... playing badminton... in P.E....
  • And this isn't really a confession.. but I'm starting behind-the-wheel on Thursday. If only it meant I could get my license sooner... May 22.

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