Thursday, March 29, 2012

(Post)Midweek Confessions

Yesterday was a busy school day that didn't leave much time for confessions.  After I got home, my time was spent reading the Hunger Games.  Now with some 'free time' in Precalc, I decided that confessions are too fun to just forget about.
  • On the topic of the Hunger Games, I started the second book around 4:00 yesterday and stayed up til 12:30 reading it... this is a little bit better than 2:00 on Monday night, but not much.  I'm also reading them on my phone because I'm too lazy to go to the libarary or buy it at Barnes and Noble. Now that I've started reading, I'm glad I didn't get to see it yet. I need to finish these books before the movie ruins it for me.
  • My allergies are terrible this time of year so my eyes are red and water frequently.  Everyone keeps asking why I'm crying or if I'm high. Awesome.
  • I've officially decided that Bio is the stupidest, most pointless class ever. I mean, some classes are pointless, but there's problem solving involved so it's moderately fun. Bio, on the other hand, is nothing but memorizing stupid information. A sponge doesn't have a respiratory sytem and Annelids are the first creatures to have a 'coelem.' Wait a minute, I don't care.... it seems like such a waste of time compared to Chemistry.
  • This attitude is spreading to some of my other classes, I feel like if I've managed A's for the first three nine weeks, I should be able to make it the last nine weeks without trying... I'll try harder if the situation becomes desperate, but until then, I'm going to do the absolute minimum.
  • The desire for summer is overwhelming; it makes me want to scream and cry because it's still too far away for my taste.
  • My day was just ruined because the school has blocked :( apparently we aren't allowed to visit websites about 'paranormal and occult.' um?
  • I'm pretty sure these confessions sucked.  I would try to do better but I'm barely functioning on the little sleep I've gotten this week. Hopefully next week will be better! 5 more school days until Spring Break! florida.florida.florida.florida.florida....

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  1. emyselfandi is now unblocked! (: and YAYY(: FLORIDA!!