Tuesday, March 20, 2012

summer.summer.summer.summer. (and other random thoughts)

I'm feeling thoughtful today - maybe not in a good way; I keep contemplating everything and I thought I'd share some thoughts going through my head.
  • It seems like each day we miss school, it becomes that much harder to go back. It's like being on a diet: eating healthy food is doable until you get a taste or smell of those wonderfully amazing fattening foods. This four-day weekend was like that for summer.  It was a little reminder of the freedom and joy that we're missing out on until summer arrives. Instead we're stuck here for nine more weeks, 'learning' things we've known since maybe fourth grade.
  • This morning, the desire to graduate early was more overwhelming than usual. I would only have to take a few classes in summer school and next year could be like a normal year.  It seems that college is teasing me with all the letters and e-mails, making it seem closer than it actually is. I'm almost positive that college will be ten times more fun than high school. High school just seems so pointless; we never really learn anything and everyone is incredibly immature.  
  •  I.WANT.MY.LICENSE.      I have yet to actually learn anything in driver's ed that I didn't know already; the few things I did learn were things my parents don't even know... if they've survived this long I think I could manage without them. Oh, and I learned that I'm a 'borderline aggressive driver.' Watch out... Just like school, it seems incredibly pointless. May 22 is so tantalizingly close and yet, so far away... I find myself thinking about it more often than not nowadays.
  • Standardized testing is dumb. Yes, SOLs, I'm talking about you.  I don't see why everyone has to pass - not everyone studies or puts effort into school so why should the tests be catered to them? Not everyone is on the same level and the government shouldn't try to encourage it. Making sure that everyone is caught up, even if holds back others, is stupid and will be the reason why America is overtaken by China.

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