Friday, February 24, 2012

Photo Friday!

I really never know what to blog about anymore; life has gotten so busy and school takes up all of my brain. The rest of the time, I feel brain-dead, literally. For example: Twice in two days, I've tried to use soap instead of lotion; a couple of days ago I used conditioner instead of shampoo; I don't remember anything if I don't write it down. I'm honestly amazed that I remembered pants this morning... (kidding, sort of)
I think all of this chaos and stress has caused me to have weird dreams. I'll wake up and usually remember three random dreams I had that night, what is up with that? It wouldn't be that weird except that I rarely dream at all, let alone frequent random ones...
Oh, and to top it all off, I'm getting sick. Thank God for Sudafed...
And most of all, thank God it's Friday... two classes left 'til a break (but not really since my weekends are always busy... let's hope I can actually make it to the gym a few times)
Let's celebrate Friday with some photos shall we? (:  these are somg things that I'm loving right now...
I'm loving these boots right now, so comfy (:
Sublimated Body Con Skirt I got this skirt on my shopping trip, can't wait til it gets warm so I can skip the tights
Nothing's comfier than a long sleeve t-shirt...

I can't wait for summer; I got a bunch of new shorts and they are dying to be worn...
 I keep buying more of this style sweatshirt, I think I'm up to four now. I can't get past how comfy they are..

I've noticed that all those clothes had a theme; I'm getting so lazy.. comfort > cuteness. Summer needs to hurry up so I can start caring about my clothes again!
 This is my new life philosophy since my boyfriend made me cupcakes for my birthdaay (:

 College letters are a little reminder that high school will be over soon enough... I can't wait for college visits next year

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