Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Happy humpday, let's celebrate with some confessions shall we? (:

  • Everytime I check out a book at the library I get hate looks from the staff as they remind me that my late fees are literally 9 cents under the limit...
  • I've been having some anger issues the past few days... people make me angry. They need to walk faster, drive faster, and STOP WALKING ON THE ROAD.
  • I keep finding myself yelling out "I HATE (fill in the blank)" way too many times a day, but things and people make me angry.
  • I haven't gotten up before 7 this week. I should be waking up around 6:45 to be almost on time, but I just can't do it. Hello snooze button.
  • I haven't gone to bed before 11 this week; that might explain the confession above...
  • I saw a gumball machine last night and had to give in and get one.. it was amazing.
  • I'm too tired to do more confessions this week.

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