Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I've Learned About Myself

I know I've already done the "Lessons I've Learned" post, but this is different. These are all things I think I've learned about myself...
  • I have some unusual talents (i.e. Procrastinating, British accents, correcting people.. if those count as talents?)
  • I tend to jump into things whole-heartedly right away... not sure if this is good or bad? But I guess it's better to go all out than to hold back, right?
  • I expect the best of people; I wish I knew why. I mean, I've had countless experiences where I thought people could change and they didn't, but I still keep believing. Wish me luck.
  • I'm still trying to decide if I'm the type of girl who always wants a boyfriend or the type of girl who will die alone and be completely okay with it. I mean, it's so nice to have someone who's always there for you and will compliment you and hold you... but then again, I love spending time alone. Sometimes there's nothing better than being home alone with the dog, reading and sleeping. I can't explain it, but I really love spending time by myself. That's why I can see myself just living alone with a dog and being completely okay with my life. Is that sad?
  • I think I could be an English teacher; it makes me extremely angry when people make simple mistakes (your [give me your food] and you're [You're fat], then [then we took a test] and than [I like him more than her], definitely [Yes, I definitely want to see you this weekend] and defiantly [She defiantly stood her ground] and definately [not a word at all], accept [I can't accept that everyone makes these mistakes] and except [I like everyone except people who make these mistakes] etc.) But seriously, the desire I have to correct all these mistakes is slightly overwhelming.
  • I must enjoy being stressed out because I procrastinate until everything builds up and suffocates me.
  • I'm really unconfrontational; even if stuff bothers me, chances are I'll hold it in until I can't anymore, and then (no I won't confront the person) I'll cry (which I also don't do very often).. But, I think life would be so much easier if I had no problem speaking up and saying exactly what I'm thinking. Oh, well.

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