Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, already?

Happy Monday! (Only kidding, everyone knows Mondays aren't happy...) How about a little weekend recap?
Friday, I watched our boys basketball team win the region championship with a tie-breaking shot 7 seconds before the buzzer. It was so intense; afterwards, I got to hang out with my boyfriend for a little bit (:
Saturday I took crossfit... It's intense military-type training focused on the core. My shoulders still hurt to touch today...(I literally screamed when my dad and brother tried to pat my shoulder this morning...) it was definitely my hardest workout in a loonng time.
 Yes, we did run outside. Guess who was the only one wearing shorts?

After the workout, my mom and I took my grandma to lunch and then met up with a friend to go see The Vow. It was soo good, and I really don't see why everyone hated the ending, I thought it was really cute.
Sunday, I went to lunch with my daddy and had my end-of-season meeting with my coach... I'm already kind of excited for open gyms to start but for now I'm reeally enjoying my break. Afterwards, my boyfriend came over and we watched some moviess (:  that would probably explain why I'm tired today since I didn't start my homework until he left around 9:30... oh well. And, on the subject of homework, I'm pretty sure I just failed the quiz that I didn't study for... it was easy and made sense and I'm almost completely positive that's a bad sign... but who can remember all these:

After this, I have a test and another quiz.. who wants to start a week with that?
Best part: drivers' ed starts tonight. Here goes dying of boredom three nights a week because the school couldn't fit health into my schedule... awesome.
On the bright side, it's one step closer to my license which I get in exactly 85 days. (not that I'm counting or anything.)

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