Thursday, February 23, 2012


Although it isn't officially spring yet, it's 70˚ which means I can successfully convince myself for a few days that it's spring. I'm wearing flip-flops, oh how I've missed them. I think the best part of spring, though, is Easter candy. I LOVE jelly beans. I can't wait til my mom buys that first bag to keep in a bowl in the kitchen; after that we're all addicted and she'll keep refilling the bowl until Easter's over.

Spring means that it'll start getting warm enough for lake trips with the boyfriend. AND... spring means spring break in Florida with my best friendsiesss (:
All that's left is to get tan so I can start wearing shorts again... YAY for spring. (:
*And on a side note, it's getting really tough to think of different blog ideas every day... I think I need to pick up an interesting hobby so I'll have better topics. Any ideas...?


  1. Eeeepppp Jelly Beans are the bomb! I feel you girl about the spring and summer. I'm hating this pale skin. :(

  2. Yeah it's awful, I'm hoping this weather means spring is here!