Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to the Bachelor

I joined the Bachelor fan group last night.  I usually start watching around this time in the season... before now I think it's too difficult to follow.  This is when it's easier to start picking favorites.
After last night, Courtney is definitely one of my least favorites... I hope the preview for next week means what I think it means... SEND HER HOME BEN! And the stuff she says... who does that? "Wonder if he's ever skinny dipped with a model before?" And I'm sure the 'connection' they have isn't based at all on the skinny dipping and her fakeness (HA HA).
I definitely understood why he sent Elyse home... does she not realize that she says 'like' at least twice a sentence?  That drove me insane. I would kill to have her abs though... (guess I'll just keep working out and praying.)
I couldn't believe he kept Emily... it sounded for sure like he was sending her home. Props to her for telling him how she feels about Courtney, but she should know that there's no way he'll believe her.  Guys just expect the best of girls for some reason... Beats me.
I'm personally hoping that he picks Courtney and then dumps now that they've started airing ... (:
 And just as a side note, I really don't think he's that hot.. They've had waaay hotter on past seasons...
 And also.. she's not that pretty either. Who cares if she's a model?
Sorry, I've found myself being more cynical about this than normal. But, all these girls 'love' him? You've known him for a few months, maybe, and for the most part, you've only bonded with him in the company of other girls. You don't love him.  And how can he pick one when he's making out with all of them and telling them all that he could spend the rest of his life with them? I mean really, no wonder almost all the couples from this show break up. (I was sad about Ali and Roberto, Roberto was much sexier than Ben.)

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