Monday, April 2, 2012

The Home Stretch

This is it; I have to survive four days of school before Spring Break begins and we leave for Florida. It's also the week that I take my final exam for classroom Driver's Ed and my final test for Behind the Wheel. I'll have my paper liscence and it'll be effective as soon as I'm sixteen and three months (50 days). I'm sure I'll be living off of caffeine this week since it seems that waking up gets harder towards the end of the year. But, then again, I've been living off caffeine all year... the habit is just getting worse.
This week will be busy, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to fit in some pre-trip tanning and a trip to the movies to see the Hunger Games; I would say that I'll be packing, but we all know that won't happen until Saturday afternoon, right before we leave.
And now to a completely different topic... who watched the ACMs last night? Being the country music lover that I am, I stayed awake until 11 to see who won Entertainer of the Year and everthing in between.  It was a really good show with several of my favorite artists (namely Chris Young singing "Save Water, Drink Beer" which we saw him sing in concert; not my favorite song of his but I still loved it.) He deserved the Single of the Year award for "Tomorrow." Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson won it for "Don't You Wanna Stay" which is a good song, but to be perfectly honest, nothing compares to "Tomorrow."
I completely disagreed with Taylor Swift as Entertainer of the Year. Don't get me wrong, I love Taylor; but, the other nominees were much more talented and have put in years of work to get where they are. It doesn't seem fair that she wins it all just because she has so many young teen fans who vote. Blake Shelton deserved it. And who decided that Lionel Richie should sing with country artists and make a TV show about it? Desperate much?
I should probably end here before I offend anyone with my opinons, Happy Monday!
 Monday takes away every last bit of optimism I have left. (:


  1. You definitely should've given us a spoiler alert for the ones who didn't want to stay up all night and have the ACM's recorded! haha

  2. Haha you're right! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ruin it!

  3. I completely agree with Taylor Swift always winning because of teenagers voting for her when the other artists are clear better (and actually are country ) and work 10X more! Have fun at the beach, wear some sunscreen (;