Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Summer and Other Happy Thoughts

We counted during English, and there are only 31 school days left 'til summer since I don't have to take exams. I won't have to come to school at all in June. Yay Yay Yay Yay!
I'm so excited for summer it's ridiculous. For one thing, I'll have my license (in 36 days) which means I can actually do things and not have to beg for rides.  I'm working at the pool and babysitting but hopefully that won't take up all my time.  I've asked for weekends off so when I don't have basketball tournaments, I'll have free time.  Hopefully I can spend it at the lake with the boyfriend or the best friend. And I really want to take a few trips up to Busch Gardens.
The first week of summer, I'll be at the beach (:
And maybe, just maybe, my mom will let me go with my boyfriend the second or third week of summer...
And then we're going again in July!
And I think my daddy and I are going to visit his parents in Texas sometime this summer too.
Yay for summer!
I think I just need to go shopping because apparently I got taller and my butt got bigger since last year and most of my short shorts are "inappropriate" to wear in public.... I tried to calmly explain to my mom that if she says I can't wear the shorts I have, that means she should buy me more... makes sense right?
But, I'm a bit distracted, I joined Pottermore and may have just spent all chemistry class doing that instead of chemistry.
I'm a Ravenclaw!
Hopefully this will make school a little more bearable..

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