Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Happy Wednesday! It's been a long week...
  • I completely zoned out during both Chemistry and AP History yesterday... why? Because I got my email from Pottermore, telling me that my account was ready so I played it alllll day long. And I'm not really playing it because I need games to play during school... no, I'm playing it because I truly love Harry Potter and want to pretend I go to Hogwarts.  My favorite parts of the website are the "New from J.K. Rowling" and "J.K. Rowlings' thoughts" that randomly pop into the chapters. I know, I'm a nerd.
  • I may have possibly forgotten that we had a mandatory food day in Biology... we were supposed to bring in a food we made containing both plant and animal products and then we had to make a sheet with pictures of all the ingredients and their scientific names. I remembered at 7 this morning and luckily my mom made vegetable and chicken sausage soup the other night... and my first period is practically a study hall. And now after some quick thinking, project = done. (:  And please don't judge.. I know almost everyone cheats occasionally on tests and quizzes, but I NEVER do. (I swear) so I think I earned a break just once. And I did the project part by myself, just not the cooking.
  • Every single day, something happens that makes me wish I had my license already.  I don't reccomend completing Behind the Wheel early because it makes it even worse, knowing that you have your license but can't use it because you aren't old enough.  This is killing me. Only 35 more days.
  • My hatred for school is getting out of hand.  GET ME OUT OF HERE. If they would let us take our SOLs and exams early, I would do it.  I mean, for the most part, we've learned everything they're going to teach us.  WHY DO THEY MAKE US STAY? But, luckily I've only got to survive May and I'm done.  I won't be at school in June at all since I'm exempt from exams!
  • I've probably been having too much fun working out all these trig problems in math class... yes, I know, again that makes a nerd.


  1. They make you stay because we are awful, horrible people who live to torture innocent teenagers like yourself ;)

    I think we are required to log 180 school days (minimum) before we can officially call it quits.

  2. Haha well I think it would be much more beneficial to the students if we got out early for doing our work well! That might help the motivation problem a little bit..