Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Waiting Game

High school is full of waiting; no one really enjoys being here, and everyone is waiting for the various milestones that we encounter in high school.  Even more, everyone spends all their time counting down to the next break and counting down to graduation, college, and the days that won't involve waking up and being bored for the majority of the day. 
Today, I'm waiting for Spring Break.  There are three more classes until we're free and three more days until we leave for Florida.  Luckily, two out of three of these classes won't involve any work. I think I can.I think I can.I think I can....
The biggest thing I'm waiting for, however, is my license.  Last night, I finished the classroom driver's ed course and passed Behind the Wheel... my temporary paper license is sitting at home, waiting until May 22 when my nine months of having a learner's permit will be over.  That day can't come soon enough; I'm so tired of having to rely on other people for rides when I want to do something.  I can't wait until I can just take myself everywhere.  Now that I actually have the license, the waiting is even worse.
Oh, and I'm waiting for my last period so I can enjoy the cookies I made last night for food day (:
Double Chocolate Toffee Cookies... these things are amazing. I found the recipe from a random google search and this was the first time I tried them; I used this recipe and substituted normal cocoa for dark cocoa since we didn't have any of that in the house... I can definitely see these being made many times in the future.
Aaaaand I'm waiting for Tuesday because Glee comes back on.(: I want to know what happened to Quinn and I want to know if Finn and Rachel actually got married. The suspense is killing me.
Happy Almost Spring Break, Friends!

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