Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Wasted Year

I know I may have mentioned this before, but honestly, why do we need to take Biology?
The other day, when asked when we would ever use trigonometric identities in real life, my precalculus teacher replied that only some people do.  However, making us solve the problems gives us logical thinking skills that will help us succeed in life.  I agree with that, and that explanation validates the chemistry requirement as well.  While the English requirement seems a bit extreme, I'm begining to understand that knowing Engish, especially grammar makes you appear more educated and will probably give you the advantage when looking for jobs, and reading is used for absolutely everything. 
I guess history makes sense since "those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it," allthough I do wish we didn't have to memorize all the people, espeically Asian, Middle Eastern, and African ones (the names are absolutely impossible to remember).
I really have tried to think of things that Biology relates to, but I've got nothing.  I understand that genetics is extremely important (in fact I think it's the only worthwhile thing we learned in that class), but other than that, biology is pointless.  Knowing 'plant classification' will not help me in life, unless I'm planning on being a botanist or something.  But, I have absolutely NO plans of doing anything Biology-related, so why do they force us into a course that is nothing but blind memorization? We're all going to forget it over the summer and it will basically be a wasted year. 
(sorry for venting again, this just makes me incredibly angry everytime I think about it. I'll try to do less venting for the rest of the week.. ha.)

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