Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Yay for Wednesdays! This one is almost like a Thursday since we don't have school Friday.  And I can spend Friday driving! I made several trips yesterday and survived all of them... but let's jump into confessions shall we?
  • During my multiple trips yesterday, I spent a little over $20 and didn't even have to buy gas... yes that was all spent on food...
  • I was not a nice person to my mom this morning since she wouln't let me drive to school. I mean I understand that gas is expensive and I don't have my own car yet... and she said she had to be over here anyways so this was easier. BUT, I want to drive! And, when I ride with her we have to leave earlier to take my brother to school which means waking up earlier and rushing to be ready. She told me it was time to go and I wasn't even dressed yet... wouldn't it have been easier to just let me drive?
  • I found out yesterday that I'm getting glasses... not sure if this is a confession but I figured it should be said. Thank God I won't have to wear them all the time, mostly just for night driving.
  • Making myself do any school work at this point is a real struggle. The only class I'm doing any real work for is English and even that just kills me inside. Why read King Lear? I don't want to be depressed this close to summer time!
  • I sang as loud as I could to "Call Me Maybe" three times yesterday. I also had an Adele singalong and pretty much everything else that came up on my iPod. Oh the joys of having your license (:
  • My cousin is an editor at a book review magazine and I've offered to do some reviews this summer... at the moment I'm reading a 500 page fantasy novel and actually kind of enjoying it... haha

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