Thursday, May 24, 2012

things that make me lol...

(Just know that the "lol" was sarcastic; it's actually one of my pet peeves... haha) but I'm actually in a good mood so I thought I'd share some things that make me laugh
  • When a boy in my engineering class announces "My shaft is all screwed up." He was talking about his drawing of course, but that didn't keep the entire class from giggling inappropriately.
  • When I walk back to my car after practice Tuesday and notice that it's not in the spot that I parked it in... it's actually on the other side of the building where my dad decided to put it to surprise me.
  • Walking back to my car yesterday and hitting my knees on the steering wheel... I realized my dad must have dropped by again but this time to move my seat all the way up and turn the radio to a ridiculous volume...
  • Seeing all the I'd Cap That pictures on facebook and twitter... I wish droid's version didn't suck quite so much.
  • Laughing with the boyfriend as we make jokes about everyone else.. so much fun (:
  • Asking my mom if getting honked at is a compliment to the driver, just to freak her out...
  • This website - here are some of my favorites from it

I literally spent an entire class looking through these and sending them to my boyfriend, haha .. people probably wondered why I was sitting in class laughing to myself... oh well.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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