Monday, January 9, 2012

About Me

Well, to my two followers: I'm Annalee (: I figured I'd make my first post an introduction to me, and I thought it'd be more fun to make my own list of favorites here instead of in my bio... anyways
  • First off, I'll say that I'm not really a 'favorites' type of person... there are just too many options out there. But, in some cases, there are things I love more than others.
  • I used to say I didn't have a favorite artist, but that changed recently when I discovered all three of Chris Young's albums.  Now, they are constantly repeating on Pandora, Windows Media Player, and in the car whenever the family is willing. Their enjoyment of 24/7 Chris Young decreased a bit after the first few weeks... but mine didn't (:
  • I LOVE reading. Almost any book would make me happy, but there are a few books I could read over and over again. For example:
    • Summer Sisters by Judy Blume.  I reread this for the tenth time, literally, over Christmas Break.  I still couldn't put it down...
    • Any of the Harry Potter books.  Same scenario as above.  I just finished rereading the first through third, and once I get more time I'll reread the rest of them.
    • the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  • I could live off pizza and sweet tea. Dieting is never effective for me since I love any kind of good food, instead I go for the exercise it off later approach.
  • The beach and New York are some of my favorite places; everyone says our hometown is beautiful, but, more often than not, it's boring. What city in America doesn't have a Chili's?
  • Did I mention I love Chris Young? (:
I think that's about it for now.. more posts to come (:

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