Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Angry Angry Angry

It's definitely been a few days since I've blogged... sorry followers, I just didn't have time during my jam-packed weekend. Too bad I didn't cross anything off my list; I guess I made my own. My modified list of things I did this weekend:
  • Got a haircut and ate at Moe's. yumm (:

  • Saw Beauty and the Beast 3D with my best friendss (: yes I am 16 and probably too old for that movie, but who cares. It was amazing and almost made me cry, no joke. Those moments when you realize childhood is over just kinda suck sometimes. And then there's the moment when one of your best childhood friends drives you home from the movie. It's weird, I really can't get used to all of this.

  • Rewatched Silence of the Lambs. I think it was creepier the second time.

  • Went bowling.  Apparently I'm not very good at it. But I was sore..
  • Went to Cracker Barrel... my brother's obsessed.

And now that that's out of the way, I'd like to discuss some things that make me extremely angry about the world. This weekend, I had a terrible experience with the world's shortcomings. And so, here's a list of problems with the world/ pet peeves:
  • This story begins a few weeks ago when I had a huge craving for McDonald's french fries. Since it's all the way on the other side of town, I settled for Burger King. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. If Burger King is reading this right now, just know: your new fries SUCK. I absolutely hate how fast food restaurants are making their fries healthier just because certain people can't control themselves and end up with high cholestorol, diabetes, obesity, etc. If healthy people want the occasional good, unhealthy french fry, they should be able to get it! NO ONE LIKES HEALTHY FRENCH FRIES!
  • Then, this weekend, another fast food disappointment. After practice, I decided I really wanted a chicken biscuit from Chick Fil A... instead, Mom suggested Hardees since she didn't want to walk upstairs in the mall. Being the accomodating wonderful daughter that I am, I agreed to this. We get in the car and it hits me. It's 11:30. No breakfast :( and who wants Hardees' normal food? yeah, not me. As I just mentioned, I'm not a fan of the thicker, maybe healthier fries. Anyways, can I just say. If I want breakfast at 11:30 on a Saturday, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET IT somewhere other than Bojangles.
  • Still, the fast food restaurants weren't done tearing apart my happiness. Sunday night, my friends and I wanted a milk shake. We decided to go to McDonalds. Guess who wasn't serving milkshakes because they were cleaning the machine? Yep, McDonalds. I mean seriously? But at least I finally got my fries...
  • I hate when people make stupid grammar errors on facebook. I mean do these people sit in English class, put their fingers in their ears and scream to avoid learning these simple rules? A typical status: "Im glad that your going their and excepting the news about life bcuz its 2 sad that there dog gone home." Maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's more of a combination of all of the mistakes I've seen. No joke.
  • Mirror pics and "opinions"? pics on facebook. You look just like you do in all your other pictures; we all know you just want guys to tell you that you have nice boobs.
  • It makes me insanely angry when people stop or walk slowly in the hallway. Especially when it's to hug a friend that the person hasn't seen since YESTERDAY. I mean, it's been so long since you two have seen each other. NOT. It's really not worth stopping all the hallway traffic so you can hug.
  • And on the subject of traffic, WHY DON'T PEOPLE GO AT LEAST THE SPEED LIMIT? Going 5 mph underneath is stupid and ruins the fun for the rest of us.
  • I hate when you have all these fantastic pet peeves to put on your blog and then you forget them...

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