Thursday, January 12, 2012

Waiting for today to end...

I've just taken two exams, my day is done, at least in my mind. I spent last period taking a 70 question math test, shaking the entire time. Wish I could explain that one? It's not like I was actually nervous; maybe it was the coffee this morning. But I doubt that, too. My unnatural caffeine tolerance makes that pretty unlikely. I guess it could be the lack of sleep. I mean, obviously I had to stay up and watch more of the Only Way is Essex. And once, just once, I wish I could make myself go to bed without catching up on 6-10 games of Words with Friends... oh well. At least I restrained myself from checking twitter, which is rare. All I can say, is thank God for four day weekends. Even if they'll be spent waking up early for basketball; it's still better than school.
A few things I hope to do over the weekend:
  • Watch Devil Inside with the girlss... Let's hope it doens't suck as much as the ratings say...

  • Go for a long overdue sushi lunch; tempura calling my namee <3

  • Go get the best donuts in the world with Daddy

  • Take a trip to Richmond and go shopping (too bad this one's unlikely)

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