Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Time to link up to E, Myself, and I for Midweek Confessions (:
  • I'm going to be so screwed if I ever have to take a class that's actually hard. I literally never pay attention in chemistry, except during tests. But yet I have an A? At least I do my homework...
  • I eat out waaaaay to much, but my family can't help it. We all love food too much. And I'm always hungry, why is that?
  • I actually enjoy watching Jeopardy.. that probably definitely makes me a nerd. I just love that feeling of answering a question right; it makes me feel so smart. (:
  • I've already had Taco Bell twice this week; it's wednesday...
  • Although I'm not exactly scared of the dark, I am scared when that dark happens to be outside, especially last night. My mom thought she saw a bobcat or some "large cat" running across the road pretty close to our house. Needless to say, I couldn't get inside soon enough, and I really didn't want her to let the dog out. Maybe I overreacted, but I don't think so...
  • This morning was my third day using the alarm on my new phone; I just now figured out how to use the snooze. In a way, I am proud of this...mostly because there were two whole days when I got out of bed on time. This is an accomplishment for me.
  • It took everything I had to not wear a sweatshirt today. I can't help it; they're just so comfy.
  • I have waay too many #hashtagmoments (moments when your mind uses hashtags for statements, posts, texts, etc. somewhere other than twitter).
  • I'm pretty sure my mind is incapable of keeping up with more than one social networking site at a time... Once I developed a love for twitter, I all but gave up on Facebook; now that I'm blogging, I rarely tweet or use facebook.


  1. Now that I have my license I tend to be driving myself through the drive-thru a little to often so don't worry about eating out! Just wait till you have your license (;

  2. haha oh I know, it's going to be bad... I feel like I'll be drinking a LOT of sweet tea