Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Keeps Me Going

Day 2 of the blog... maybe i'll start getting more followers soon (:  I'm just sitting here in class, daydreaming about the next few months.  These are a few things that will get me through this week and the weeks and months to come:
  • This weekend is a four day weekend; this means two days that I can spend sleeping and watching movies instead of being in school. Of course, a majority of this time will be taken up by basketball in the mornings... (there goes sleeping in) but it's still better than school (:
  • I'm going to see Blake Shelton February 18th as a 16th birthday present... still hoping to get surprised with backstage passes (:
  • Two days later is my SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY. Yeah, I'm a little excited. But, instead of a big party, I'm hoping for a nice Frankie Rowlands steak dinner. I mean, it is my sixteenth, I deserve it right? (: And of course, who doesn't hope for a car?
    • I'm still trying to decide what I really want though... Tiffany's necklace? Laptop? iPhone? Of course these are just some possibilities (at least in my mind)... the parents might think them a little less possible...
  • Weekend trip to visit family; Not quite sure when to fit this in, but I know we'll go sometime.  Most importantly, this trip means outlet shopping and plenty of driving time for me (:
  • SPRING BREAK... Florida with my bestiess (: (and two followers..) I finally get to hit up Harry Potter World! I've been preparing for that by reading the books.
  • May 22... LICENSE. This means I can drive myself around alll summer long (:
  • And of course, SUMMER BREAK. Which I can spend driving to the lake alll the time (:
Now I'm just going to pray that I can live these events and skip the in between until summer.... A girl can dream right?

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