Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo Friday SHOES

I'm trying to keep up with photo friday (: I didn't really get around to taking any pictures, but I did get back on for the first time in a while and realized that most of my 'hearts' are of shoes.  I figured I'd post some of my faves. (:
cacophobia: fear of uglinessTumblr
I LOVE cowboy boots, (:
(1) Foto di Blá blá blá de Homem<3
Heels are addicting... I love being taller than people (:
Leighton MeesterA look in Mimi's World =] 
Just one pair of Louboutins, please, please, that's all I ask... Well, maybe more like 6... OPTIMISM (:
2011-01-02Fashionable /
~ heart means everythingLikes | Tumblr Bows <3
ProfilképekMerlin's beard
For some reason, I'm really liking blue shoes..
FacebookCollage of all the things I love - Styling - 2. strona bloga dostępnego pod adresem
Well, I know that was kind of a lot, but you try picking from an album of over 50 pairs of gorgeous shoes... (:

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