Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Baby

I've been told that my blog is random... I guess I'd agree.  My main problem with writing has always been 'staying on topic.' But today, I'm going to try my hardest to stay on the same topic:  My dog, Levi.  It's probably unnatural how much my family and I love this dog. I definitely cried harder when Levi get really sick than I did when I broke up with my boyfriend of over a year (although that was actually a good thing so I'm not sure that counts...). But, our love of Levi is definitely understandable.  I mean, he and I grew up together for one thing. For another thing, he is the sweetest, most loving, cutest dog I have ever seen. I'm a dog person, and I've never met a dog I didn't like, but I've never met a dog that was anywhere near as cute or sweet as mine.
I mean look at that...

Although he is adorable and sweet, he is far from brilliant. Have you ever seen a dog who chased the butterfly's shadow instead of the actual butterfly? But even his cluelessness makes us love him even more...

He is definitely the most spoiled dog on the planet. If he comes inside and doens't get a treat immediately, he barks. If someone walks in the house and doesn't immediately say hi and pet him, he barks. He is a forty pound lap dog; if he's not in someone's lap, he gets first choice of the chairs.

(sorry about the bad quality)

This was at the beach; yes we brought him...

This dog is like my best friend. It's amazing to have someone who's always happy when you're in a bad mood. If I'm sad, all I have to do is look at him wagging his tail (constantly) and it makes me a bit happier. If I give him a hug and talk to him like he can hear me, everything's better. The best part is that no matter what I tell him, he won't judge. And, even when I'm not sad, I still like to talk to him. A few of his pet names: cutie, sweetie, baby, hon, showdog, puppy. These are all used when telling him how cute he is, telling him that he's the best dog ever, telling him I love him, etc. (On a side note:  if in doubt of how to talk to animals, see Jenna Marbles' "How to Talk to Animals" on Youtube).

Yeah, I LOVE my dog. (:

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